Utility Ceramic Knife

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  • Easy Use, No-Tool Blade Change = Less Blade Changes = Less Money = Less Downtime = Less Injuries

  • Smart-retract technology = automatically self-retracts for
    safety even if your finger is still on the slider button

  • Stays sharp: single ceramic blade is equivalent to 10 single sided metal blades

  • Side slider button + durable ABS filled handle

  • Ceramic blades never rust, they are non-conductive, non-magnetic,non-sparking , chemically inert and have an oil-free finish (perfect for clean rooms)


  • Compatibility: Utility knife apply for cutting, cleaning, 3D print removing, finishing, unpacking...

  • Knife Material: Blade Zirconia, Hilt ABS

  • Available Material: Suitable for PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET+, wood....

  • Color: White

  • Package Size: 15.3 * 7 * 2.25 cm

  • Knife Size: 11.3 * 2.2 * 1cm

  • Executive Standard: Q/XMDY 00

  • Blade stretch length: 5 grades

  • Highest temperature: 2000 ℃ (Do not burn with fire)

  • Brand: KOKONI


  • Do not burn with fire.

  • Do not twist the blade to prevent it from hurting people.

  • Do not sharpen the knife without KOKONI’s permission.

  • Do not cut, chop, knock, pry, drop or hit with a knife. Do not use the knife as a lever.

  • Ceramic knife is safer than metal knife, but please do not cut your skin deliberately. Do not let children use it alone.

  • If the blade is stained, soak it with bleach. Do not wipe it with a metal cleaning ball, otherwise the blade may turn black.

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Jose Travesi

It works better than other tools to clean the base



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