KOKONI is created for digital native consumers to innovate and create in whole new ways that are powered by cutting-edge technologies, but also dashed with a joyful human touch. With the belief that technology-powered imagination is within reach for everyone, KOKONI cultivates innovation in every household and sparks their dreams. Insisting on "Accessible Innovation," KOKONI has started the journey with consumer 3D printers that are powerful, yet accessible to everyone. You imagine, we deliver. Creating with KOKONI, you can fear nothing and dream anything.


In 2020, a group of friends set out on a mission to make products that empower people's creativity.

In 2021, KOKONl was officially born. As experts in advanced 3D and Al technologies, we also enjoy getting our hands dirty. So, we decided to start with a next-generation 3D printer to help bring people's creativity to life.

In 2022, We launched the first product: a 3D printer with instant Al 3D modeling. There sponse from supporters and the media was overwhelmingly positive. We felt so encouraged. All crowdfunding orders have been delivered, and the customer support team has been on standby for any questions or concerns.

In 2023, we continued the momentum with the second-generation printer, SOTA, launching at our CES debut. It is the fastest consumer-grade 3D printer in the world.

And in all the years to come, KOKONl will be the friend that is always available to bring joy and fun to our users, with cutting-edge technology and a warm human touch.


" Empower the world's imagination by providing cutting-edge creativity technology and exceptional user experience "


" The joyful brand that unleashes unlimited possibilities and endless fun for everyone with creativity technologies "



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