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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the nozzle size?

The nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm.

What's the max print size?

The max printing volume is 100*100*58 mm.

What's the size of the machine?

The size of KOKONI-EC1 is 7.44*10.7*9.09 inch / 189*272*231 mm

What's the weight of the machine?

The net weight of the KOKONI-EC1 is 6.83lb (3.1kg).

What's the printing speed for the machine?

The maximum printing speed is 80 mm/s.

What's the max temperature for the nozzle?

It’s 260℃.

What's the noise level in dB while printing with the fans on?

It’s 30dB ultra-quiet while printing.

What kind of motherboards do you use?

The motherboard is independently developed by KOKONI and has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor.

What kind of plug does the printer use?

We will provide plugs for clients according to different countries.

How to conduct leveling?

KOKONI EC1 is beginner-friendly and has no need for bed-leveling.

Is the buile plate replaceable?

Yes, to achieve better printing results, we recommended replacing the build plate every 6 months.

KOKONI EC1 Filament

Can I use other types of filament?

KOKONI EC1 is also compatible with other PLA materials on the market. However, to achieve better printouts and protect the machine, we do recommend that you use our filaments.

What's the diameter of the filament?

It’s 1.75mm.

How to refill filament when it runs out?

The filament is in the material box. When it runs out, please replace the entire material box.

When filaments run out, does it notify me automatically?

The KOKONI App will notify that there are no more materials. We recommend checking the remaining filaments on the App before printing.

Are printing filaments toxic to children and do they have an odor?

Our exclusive PLA filaments are non-toxic and safe for children, it has passed RoHS.

How many models can be printed with one roll?

The exact number of models that can be printed depends on the size of the model. The longer the print the greater the consumption. Generally, 20 to 30 simple models can be printed with one roll of filament.

How long is one roll of filament?

One roll of filament contains 70 meters.

Mobile Application

Can I print my own models?

Yes, You can upload personalized customized models, and it supports OBJ, STL, and gCode formats on our website.

Will the App update regularly?

Sure, our App will be upgraded regularly to improve your printing experience.

Which language does the App support?

The application supports 6 languages currently.

  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Korean
  • Japaense
  • Spanish
Can I download the App first before receiving product?

Yes, you can download our App for preview by searching "KOKONI3D"in App Store and Google Play.
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