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PLA Filament for KOKONI EC Series 3D Printers

Weight: 2.0 lb

Color: White

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• Accuracy & Consistency: KOKONI EC series 3D printer filaments are produced with the highly precise specification. Dimensional Accuracy 1.75mm + / - 0.02 mm. Non-toxic, no odor, low warping, and full geometric freedom to ensure smooth and stable prints with our production concept to enrich your imaginary unlimited 3D world.
• Tangle Free: During 1.75mm PLA spool production, we provide full mechanical winding and strict manual examination, making the PLA filament easy to be fed or out.
• Print Parameter: KOKONI PLA filament recommended extrusion temperature 200°C - 260°C and model layer thickness 0.04~0.35mm, precise print parameters remove your printing confusion and worry and bring you a better print experience
• Wide Compatibility: With thousands of tons of filaments output each month and years of 3D printing filaments R&D experience, our modified PLA filament harmonizes perfectly with all KOKONI 1.75mm FDM 3D printers.
• Multi-color availability to achieve your ideal versatile models
• Package & Warranty: Sealed package keeps our PLA filaments at an optimal storage condition. No dust, no dirt before opening.

Customer Reviews

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Dale Fakes
Good shipment.

Received as ordered, packed well, and quick shipping.

Paul Fletcher
Have not received my order yet

I will be happy to review when my order arrives.

Hi Paul, your order has been arranged, please wait patiently for the delivery by China Post. Thank you.

Ann Cervone
Pls filament

I made the folding chair it came out great