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PLA Filament for KOKONI EC Series 3D Printers

Weight: 2.0 lb

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Color: White

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• Accuracy & Consistency: KOKONI EC series 3D printer filaments are produced with the highly precise specification. Dimensional Accuracy 1.75mm + / - 0.02 mm. Non-toxic, no odor, low warping, and full geometric freedom to ensure smooth and stable prints with our production concept to enrich your imaginary unlimited 3D world.
• Tangle Free: During 1.75mm PLA spool production, we provide full mechanical winding and strict manual examination, making the PLA filament easy to be fed or out.
• Print Parameter: KOKONI PLA filament recommended extrusion temperature 200°C - 260°C and model layer thickness 0.04~0.35mm, precise print parameters remove your printing confusion and worry and bring you a better print experience
• Wide Compatibility: With thousands of tons of filaments output each month and years of 3D printing filaments R&D experience, our modified PLA filament harmonizes perfectly with all KOKONI 1.75mm FDM 3D printers.
• Multi-color availability to achieve your ideal versatile models
• Package & Warranty: Sealed package keeps our PLA filaments at an optimal storage condition. No dust, no dirt before opening.