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AI Powered 3D Modeling Starts Here

Customize the Model with Your Fingers

3D Modeling Editing

Fine tune the 3D model with powerful features such as rotation, scaling, enlarging, duplicating and more in the KOKONI 3D app.

Geometic Model Builder

The KOKONI 3D App offers a powerful tool for users to create 3D models with just their fingertips.

See the Resutls

Simplicity for All Age

Mobile App Control

Everything can be operated via the mobile app, neither computer nor SD card is needed.

4 Simple Steps to Connect

The KOKONI EC1 can be setup in just 4 steps and ready to use.

Plug in - Ready to Use

One Click Cloud Printing

Users can easily choose the models from the built-in 3D model library or upload stl/obj files to the cloud and initiate the printing process with just one click. Access a wide variety of 3D models in the KOKONI 3D gallery for free! Plus, it's update from time to time!

No Setup Required

An Instantly Functional 3D Printer Straight Out of the Box, allowing everyone to start the journey of 3D printing.

Easily Reload Filament with App Guidance

The KOKONI 3D app monitors filament level, usage and guides reloading. It also provides reload instructions.

KOKONI Makes the Journey of 3D Printing Easier for Everyone!

80% Energy Saving, 94.3% Biodegradation Rate

KOKONI has an eco-friendly awareness in mind. "Better for printing, better for our planet." We provide a new type of material based on PLA. It is made of starch raw materials, corn and other natural ingredients. The relative biodegradation rate in 180 days is up to 94.3%. It can completely degrade naturally by microorganisms under specific conditions, eventually producing carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment, which is very beneficial to the planet.

The power supply complies with the US DoE VI and European CoC V5 energy consumption standards and the machine has no heated bed required, saving 80% on energy and reducing carbon emissions.

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