CES 2024 Recap: Innovating Beyond Boundaries with KOKONI


KOKONI made a successful return to CES for the second consecutive year, immersing attendees in the excitement of one of the tech industry's premier events. Amidst a sea of futuristic innovations, KOKONI distinguished itself with its innovative technologies and forward-thinking vision.

Unveiling the KOKONI SOTA: A World First in 3D Printing

A live demonstration of multi-color 3D print by KOKONI SOTA in CES 2024
A live demonstration of multi-color 3D print by KOKONI SOTA in CES 2024
This year marked the debut of the commercial version of KOKONI SOTA at CES—an event that signifies a significant milestone for the industry. Breaking new ground, the SOTA emerged as the world's first inverted multi-color, high-speed 3D printing machine. At CES, KOKONI SOTA astounded audiences by demonstrating live multi-color printing and high-speed capabilities, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

KOKONI CES 2024KOKONI booth at CES 2024

KOKONI EC2: Bringing 3D Printing to Steam Education
Another showstopper was the introduction of the KOKONI EC2, a 3D printer designed specifically for beginners and educational purposes. Tailored for beginners and kids, this smart printer requires no calibration or intricate installation processes, making it the ultimate entry-level 3D printer for everyone. With the EC2, KOKONI aims to inspire creativity and learning through accessible and user-friendly 3D printing technology.
KOKONI EC2: Bringing 3D Printing to Steam EducationMeet the future of DIY: KOKONI EC2, the smart 3D printer designed for budding makers of all ages.
The Enhanced KOKONI 3D App: A Seamless Connection to Creativity
KOKONI also revealed significant updates to its 3D app, addressing user connection issues with new connection methods. The app now features various printing scenarios, an improved 3D scan and print function, and a novel 3D text build function. These updates empower users with diverse ways to interact with their KOKONI devices, fostering a seamless and enjoyable 3D printing experience.
kokoni modelsModels printed by KOKONI EC2 3D printer at CES 2024
Pioneering the Future: 3D Modeling in Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
Looking towards the future, KOKONI showcased an innovative approach to 3D modeling through AR/VR. Drawing 3D models in AR and utilizing AI technology for model creation without the need for extensive knowledge of software like 3DMax or Blender opens new possibilities. KOKONI invited attendees to experience the Alpha version of the XR 3D modeling software, teasing a promising evolution in the world of 3D design.

AR experienceKOKONI AR/VR Experience at CES 2024

Shaping Tomorrow, One Layer at a Time
As the curtains close on CES 2024, KOKONI extends heartfelt gratitude to all who visited our event and booth. The overwhelming response and enthusiasm have been truly inspiring. We are thrilled to announce that KOKONI SOTA will begin shipping in Q1, the new app will also be launching with KOKONI SOTA to provide more functions and scenarios that users can play with. Our commitment is to bring more value to the 3D printing community, making this transformative technology accessible to an even wider audience. Together, let's shape tomorrow's creative landscape, layer by layer.

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