KOKONI 3D App Update Ver. 1.9.2, Release date 9.19 (Android/IOS)

KOKONI APP Updates in Sep.

Print Process Optimization: 

  • Print time and filament use estimation
  • Optimized printing quality and print setting with default slicer 

Operational Optimization:

  • Filament Change: Upgrade the speed up to 20%
  • Increased WIFI network configuration connection time from 90 seconds to 120s, changed query network devices refresh rate to 3s

    Functional Optimization:

    • Added search function to the model's page 
    • Added print time and filament use estimation before print
    • Added "like" counter for models   
    • Allowed to delete print history 
    • Option to modify the device name 
    • Popup notification for SMS sending limit 

    User Interface Optimization:

    • Optimized Device Connection Interface
    • Optimized network configuration page 
    • Optimized tutorials page 
    • Optimized print history page
    • Optimized loading screen logo display for different screen resolutions  
    • Japanese language optimizations 


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